Custom OMs

Have a custom OM idea?

We have the perfect party favor, wedding favor or special thank you gift for any event. We can customize your OM with a special design, colors, and logo. We would like to help you with an original, an ‘exclusive’ OM design.

We offer designs for individual OMs or exclusive designs that can be purchased in bulk at wholesale cost - (minimum requirement of 100).

Either option, we take you through the whole design process: colors, size, accessories and description. Whatever your design is we're certain we can create it

Custom OM designs are hand-drawn: two (2) OM designs are included in the package price and will be sent to you by email for review. We will tweak until we get the best design that represents your personal OM, then the creation process will begin.

If additional designs are needed there is a $20. fee per design.

You can choose between two sizes, 3" or 5", for your custom OM, priced accordingly.


  • Includes two (2) drawn designs, and one (1) painted 3” OM

Price: $50.00


  • Includes two (2) drawn designs and one (1) painted 5” OM

Price: $60.00

Select one of the two options below to begin the design process!

Single Specialty OM

  • Design will apply to a one time only hand-painted production of either a 3” or a 5” Custom OM.
  • Great for a one time gift or for a special piece


Design will apply to a prototype 3” or 5” Custom OM that will then be available for wholesale orders. Final wholesale price of a Custom OM will be determined once a design is finalized and approved.

  • Great for retailers looking for an exclusive design.
  • Turn around time is between three to four weeks for complete process.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, we will respond within 24 hours.