Where Do OMs Come From?

OMs are peaceful little creatures with big dreams and even bigger hearts.  They are collected and treasured by happy people around the globe, but many people don’t know where they come from or why they’re here.  Until now… OMs are the products of wishes.  This may seem like a rather complex idea at first,  but it’s really quite simple…   Mankind is the only living thing that is capable of wishing.  Even though we are all individual souls, we are all connected; and we share many of the same wishes.   At one time or another most everyone will wish for love, for peace, for happiness, and so on. These are known as universal wishes.  So when a person makes one of these special wishes, an OM is listening.  Their life’s purpose is to nurture that wish and work to make it come true. It doesn’t matter if the person wishing is young or old, rich or poor, or even if they know that OMs exist… It just happens!  So as you can imagine, there are many, many OMs out there, all happily doing good in the world every day.  Each OM holds the wish that brought them here under their cap. There it stays, glowing with positive energy, reminding each OM of their unique purpose.  Eventually they will all be released into the sky, where each wish becomes a star after it has come true.  When you meet an OM, share your wish with it.   Many OMs have been known to pile two, three, even four wishes under their spacious cap.    As long as your wish is from the heart, your OM will be very glad to be wished upon indeed.    Your OM will hold your wish until it’s ready to come true. 

OMs are many things, but most importantly they make the ways of love clear, they symbolize the heart of the universe and the connection we share with others. OMs take on a form understandable and pleasing to us; hiding a brilliant, blinding light, a light of courage under their oversized caps. They share this very essence with us at all times keeping us tightly connected to the realm beyond the veil; the spiritual world. The Light of Courage gives us strength, wisdom, guides us and lights our way. But more importantly, the Light of Courage helps us hold on and remember that we are all part of something greater and, We Are All Connected™