Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an OM?

A: Our ceramic OMs are anything you need them to be: gifts, collectibles, reminders of your connection with those you love, blessings, amulets... Real OMs? Well, you'll have to wait for the book to really understand the true nature of an OM

Q: What are the four dots on an OM's cap?

A: The secret to the four dots on an OM's cap will be revealed in the second book: Panache and the Light of Courage.

Q: When will the book be available? And are there more than one?

A: Two Books: Legends of OM is the origin story and will be out soon. Legends of OM & the Light of Courage is out and is available now on Amazon. If you would like notifications about our books we recommend you sign up for our newsletter located on The Book page of this site.

Q: How do I know which OM to order?

A: It’s not easy. If it's a gift for someone dear we recommend reading through their stories, sometimes this helps with making a selection. In some cases, the OM seems to choose you. Either way, there are no bad choices, they're all wonderful!

Q: When I purchase an OM, what does it come with?

A: Each ceramic OM comes with an individual story of their own. Each OM has a name, a quirk, a story and something that makes it unique and unforgettable, and utterly collectible. They come packaged sitting on a small cardboard coaster with their story on a 3"x5" card. Some come with their own specific profile story, others come with a short origin story. The story cards make nice keepsakes.

Q: What are your ceramic OMs made of, and are they safe for children?

A: OMs are made from clay, painted with acrylic paints and then shellacked with non-toxic lacquer. They are extremely durable. With that said, we caution that they are not toys and are not intended for children five and under. (though they do love them!). For children ages 1 to 101 we recommend our Plush OMs, they are perfect for any age.

Q: I really want a collection! Which OMs are the best to begin with ?

A: Our OM collection is rather large and growing all the time, but if you can't purchase all the OMs at once, any amount is a good place to begin. Collect by color, season or connection.

Q: What is the list of “Connections”?

A: The list of Connections can help you search for OMs. Think of Connections as “Categories”.

Q: I received my OM in the mail and it is damaged. What do I do?

A: Not a problem! These things happen. We will be more than happy to replace your damaged OM. Please email us right away so we can remedy the issue promptly

Q: How long after I order will I receive my OM? And do you have a rush option?

A: Our OMs are generally made to order so they can sometimes take a week before they're shipped out. Our shipments usually go out on Thursdays. With that said, we also have a store with OMs that we keep in stock. If you happen to order one that is in stock then we'll ship it out immediately. We do not offer a rush option but if you email us letting us know that you need it ASAP we will always do our very best to get it out sooner than later.

Q: Can I order a custom OM?

A: Yes, custom OMs are quite popular: party favors, corporate gifts etc...A great symbol of connection Click here to be directed to our custom OMs page!

Q: How big is an OM?

A: A real OM is as tiny as a firefly, maybe even tinier. But our ceramic OMs stand 3 inches tall from their base to the tip of their cap and about an inch in diameter.

Q: How do the Gift Cards work?

A: At the time of an OM purchase enter in the code found on the gift card. During the checkout process, this will automatically subtract the gift card value from the order’s total. You can find our Gift Cards here!