About Miquette

Miquette Bishop is the artist, founder and creative spirit behind Legends of OM®. She boasts a background rich in artistic endeavors and creative experiences… Being creative is, quite simply, in her genes.

Miquette studied graphic design and photography in Boston, then followed her other great passion; embarking on a career in early childhood education before returning to her creative roots. She has tried her hand as a jewelry designer, photographer, teacher, and costume maker. Adept in numerous artistic fields, sculpture is by far her favorite. OMs were born out of Miquette’s constant search for new and exciting challenges, and her desire to connect with people around the world.

Miquette's aspirations and love for her work with OMs are as limitless as her imagination. The OM community continues to grow, and new connections are being made everyday. Slowly but surely, OMs have made the journey from Miquette’s Rhode Island studio to every corner of the globe!

Aside from creating connections and giving OMs homes, many things contribute to making Miquette’s life happy and whole… Her family is still her deepest and most inspiring connection.

Miquette’s lifelong love affair with art has taken many forms, and it wasn’t always clear where her talents would take her. She has been content to let it unfold organically, relishing the connections she’s made and everything she’s learned along the way.

Creating OMs has been a natural extension of Miquette’s experience living, loving, and creating beauty… They are little messengers that bring a bit of the magic Miquette has lived with all her life.