The Creative Spirit of OM

OM’s are true originals in every sense of the word… born in Rhode Island by a lighthearted creative spirit named Miquette Bishop. Always encouraged to follow her heart, Miquette comes from a family of artists and has been part of many creative happenings. However, she found her true calling and a profound connection when she created the first OM. OMs come from humble beginnings. In 2009, Miquette realized that buying the Christmas gifts she loved to give was not an option that year. Ever the artist, she viewed this challenge as a creative opportunity. She would make gifts out of clay; little symbols to remind her family and friends everyday that they are loved.

She began to work, and out popped a little gnome-looking creature with a scrunched up cap, who seemed to exude a remarkably peaceful, sweet energy. Miquette’s children told her he needed some friends, and that’s how the first community of OMs came to be.

But what is an OM?

They are symbols. Understood by all, they are whimsical, mystical forces who remind us that we are all one. They speak softly, but they speak the universal language of the heart.

They have possibilities as endless as the stars, which is why each one has a thoughtfully chosen star as its namesake. They remind us that there is no idea, dream, or individual who is more or less significant than the other. When we are feeling the desire to connect, they whisper to us that we are already connected. We only need to listen and look up at the stars to remember.

When an OM comes into your life, know that you are part of something greater and you are now connected to a global community rooted in Kindness, Consciousness, and Unity.

The Birth Of OMs by Miquette

“Many years ago, my daughter, three and a half at the time, and I experienced a great loss: the death of her father and my best friend. He died on a beautiful October day from a tragic sailing accident.

The time that followed that accident brought concern for my daughter’s emotional state. How do you explain death to a child? How do you answer the questions: where is daddy? Why am I not going to see him anymore? Is he on the bottom of the ocean?

To help her through her questions, her pain and try and guide her so that she could establish a belief, a hope in something greater, I created a story.

Small beings of light, made from mother Moon’s light: 'Moonlettes' Moonlettes were conduits to the spiritual world and stayed by your side keeping the connection to your loved ones on the other side of the veil. They eased the ache and filled the void, providing a strong friendship and eternal connection.

This story was written but never published. Life continued, as it does, and as the years passed my daughter and I were very blessed to have met a new loving father figure, the truest of friends and eventually adding two new little members to our family.

When the economy fell in 2009, out of necessity, I began creating small gnome-like figurines out of clay to sell at a holiday faire. These figurines eventually became OMs. It wasn’t until many years later the idea for a book about OMs and their origin began to emerge. I remembered and found, from all those years ago, my stories about my Moonlettes and was amazed that my new OMs had become, or replaced, my ‘moonlettes': similar look and similar origin. It had all come full circle.”