Legends of OM and The Light of Courage

Millie Jones is about to start middle school. If that wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, she’s just acquired a new stepsister, Molly, and stepfather, Michael. She’s doing her best to adapt but worry still plagues her young mind. One night, while lying in bed, Millie is overcome by the feeling of being watched. All around her room dark, wispy creatures lurk in the shadows. She cries out, demanding they leave, but they do not waver. These creatures are the Dreads, and they are drawn by the anguish of children. When a beacon of light zips through the night sky, crashing directly into her room, Millie is stunned to find a tiny hero, an enchanting OM. Visible only to Millie, Panache, as it introduces itself, is one of many celestial OMs, come to give her guidance during this challenging time. Eager, yet inexperienced, Panache, lights up the darkness and drives the Dreads from Millie’s room, but he warns that unless she can find her courage, and face her fears, Dreads will return.