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Little Light
November 24, 2020
GuacOMole set
April 22, 2021

Mini Veggie OMs

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You are what you eat…So why not be colorful, dynamic and alive!

Your Veggie OM is here to remind you to eat your vegetables!  

No, not really…there is more to this little sprout than vitamins and minerals…Veggie OMs represent the hard work of the farmer!  Without farmers we would not have the gift of eating well.  How we nourish ourselves can make us feel healthy, happy and connected!

Eating well is a gift we can give ourselves every day, and it includes dessert!

Nature has provided us with so much to enjoy and Veggie OMs are a reminder of this abundance and the joy we receive from farm-grown foods.  Have fun with your food, explore new kinds, visit Farmer’s markets & local farms, meet the hard working farmers who grow the food you eat and remember…

Be forever grateful for: Farms & Farmers

Veggie OMs stand 2″ tall

© 2021

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Asparagus, Eggplant, Peas, Carrot

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