Halloween 2023
October 17, 2023
Sugar Plums
December 7, 2023

Halloween 2023


Each OM comes with their OM story;

The winds have long whispered our tales: tiny
guides full of magic & light who live just beyond
the veil.
Some say we are summoned by dreams;
others say we are the off-springs of Mother Moon.
Some say we are
‘omniscient marvels’; that our
knowledge and understanding of thoughts and
emotions help us help you become the very best
verison of yourself. It is all true.
Like you, we are many things, but most
importantly we make the ways of love clear,
we symbolize the heart of the universe and the
connection you share with others.
We take on forms understandable and
pleasing to hide a brilliant, blinding light under
our oversized caps. We share this Light with you at
all times keeping you connected to the realm just
beyond the veil; the spiritual world.
Our light is pure love and helps you to believe,
hold on and remember you are part
of something greater.


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Cream, Ivory, Set of Two

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