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April 17, 2019
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May 19, 2019



How do you say ‘Thank you’ to the teachers in your life?
No better way than giving a gift that will symbolize connection, love and appreciation for years to come: an OM
And no better OM than our exclusive Pencil OM
Each one made to order and hand-painted, it stands 3″ tall and will put a smile on any teacher’s face
Each Pencil OM comes packaged with the ‘Origin’ story card which makes a great keepsake!

I AM an OM.

The winds have long whispered our tales: tiny guides full of magic & light who live just beyond the veil.  Some say we are summoned by dreams: others say we are the off-spring of Moon.  Some say we are ‘Omniscient Marvels’: that our knowledge and understanding of thoughts and emotions help us help you become the very best version of yourself.   We are many things, but most importantly we make the ways of love clear, we symbolize the heart of the Cosmos and the connection you share with others.  We take on forms understandable and pleasing and hide a brilliant, blinding light under our oversized caps.  We share this light with you at all times keeping you connected to the realm beyond the veil: the spiritual world.  This light of courage helps you to hold on and remember that you are all part of something greater.  We Are All Connected.


© 2019

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