March 12, 2019
March 12, 2019



Subra is a beautiful OM.

Peaceful, serene and gentle, 

and a warrior for Earth.

Wrapped in a cloak alive with flowers: 

vivid symbols of her love for nature.  

Subra is a caretaker, a protector and a 

reminder that we can 

make a difference to our planet.  

Subra inspires you to make green 

choices every day and redefines 

the ‘We’ in ‘We are all connected….’

Subra’s beautiful flowered cloak 

is a foreverreminder 

that we are as connected to 

nature as we are to one another.

You can be mindful and honor this 

sacred connection as Subra does.

Become a warrior for Earth!

© 2019

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