A Tale of a Different Time……
May 26, 2011
Six Degrees of Separation
June 1, 2011

Talk about synchronism!
Events at Buckingham Palace don’t tend to have a great bearing on us here in our studio in Saunderstown.
So imagine our surprise to discover, a little earlier today, that connections have conspired to put us right in the heart of the action – speaking figuratively, of course – in the Queen’s finest banqueting suite.
Before you ask, no, an OM has yet to make it to London’s grandest address, although that could, perhaps, change in time.
Instead, the next best thing. Two men, each having little in common with the other apart from their links to us – little old us, here in quiet Rhode Island – both having dinner with the Windsors.
Please, let us explain.  Last Tuesday, in England, Buckingham Palace hosted a full State banquet for President and Mrs Obama, in London to celebrate the special relationship between the United States and the UK.
Nothing unusual in that, right? So we thought too, until our research staff forwarded us a list detailing the other dinner guests in attendance. On that list, to our amazement, was none other than Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter, The BBCs, as we like to call them, our Hollywood favourites, our studio’s friends.
See the link? Tell us you’re thinking connection. Just two weeks ago our fabulous bespoke OM for Tim’s home in Hampstead left Saunderstown. Just two days ago, our custom-made OM for President Obama was completed, the pictures shared first with you, our faithful followers.
The latter – President OMbama, as we like to call him – is all packaged up and en route to the Post Office as we write. It’s such a shame Buckingham Palace’s big do wasn’t a week or two later, Tim and the President could have compared notes over the New Season Lamb in Windsor Basil.
On a more serious note this does bear out our connection theory, don’t you think? Come on, what are the chances that within two weeks of us making one-off OMs for two men who move in such different circles, the pair would be brought together, in Buckingham Palace of all places?

If nothing else, it gave us a thrill, certainly, to receive this information.
Now, what about that OM for The Queen?

We are all connected.

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