Let Your Light Shine
March 31, 2020
Thank you!
January 13, 2021

At all cost, stay mentally and spirituality fit

Bob Marley, need I say more…..I still remember hearing my first Bob Marley and the Wailers album; ‘Exodus’. I was fifteen. One night a group of friends and I gathered in a parking lot behind an abandoned restaurant. A friend of mine had just pulled up in his VW microbus and Bob Marley’s song; ‘Jammin’ was literally vibrating his entire bus. He jumped out, opened the sliding door and voila! we had an instant ‘Punky Reggae Party’! We must have laughed and danced ALL night long…very memorable!

“Ain’t no rules, ain’t no vow, we can do it anyhow:
I’n’I will see you through,
‘Cos everyday we pay the price with a little sacrifice,
Jammin’ till the jam is through.
We’re jammin’ (jammin’, jammin’, jammin’)
And we’re jammin’ in the name of the Lord;
We’re jammin’ (jammin’, jammin’, jammin’),
We’re jammin’ right straight from Yah.”

I found my vibe that night and it’s never left me.

‘Rastaman Vibration’, ‘Exodus’, ‘Uprising’, these are the albums I turn to the most when I feel a ‘No woman, No Cry’ moment coming on and I need some ‘good, good lovin’ . I highly recommend any of his songs but here are some of my favorites:

“Is This Love”
Positive Vibration”
Get Up, Stand Up”
“No Woman, No Cry”
“Waiting in Vain”
“Three Little Birds”
“One Love/People Get Ready”
“Could You Be Loved”
“Redemption Song”
“Buffalo Soldier”
“Iron Lion Zion”
“Sun is Shining”
“Satisfy My Soul”
“Forever Loving Jah”
“Punky Raggae Party”

This morning I trudged off to the market, mask in hand, deflated and unmotivated. Thank goodness for radios; I pushed the Audio button in my car and immediatley was blasted by one of Bob Marley’s songs; ‘Could you be loved and be loved’

Needless to say, it took less than a second to feel his energy, the vibration and ONE love.  THIRTY YEARS AFTER HIS DEATH, HIS MUSIC STILL REMAINS AS VITAL AS EVER IN ITS CELEBRATION OF LIFE AND EMBODIMENT OF STRUGGLE!

We Are All One and We Are All Connected, even after death.
One Love! One Heart!
Let’s get together and feel all right

I’m paying it forward, hence this blog; “LIVELY UP YOURSELF’ put on some Bob Marley, take off your mask and TURN IT UP!

“I wanna jam it wid you! Hope you like Jammin’, too!”

To quote Bob Marley (and OMs agree) “One good thing about music…when it hits you, you feel no pain”


The Making of a Legend – Bob Marley was born; Robert Nesta Marley (6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981) a Jamaican singer, songwriter, and musician.


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