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January 13, 2021

As winter comes to an end, it marks the return of the light!

Today, March 20, 2023 begins our spring equinox.

In Latin the word ‘equinox’ means, equality of night and day.  This means that both halves of the Earth are receiving the Sun’s rays equally, so the length of our days and nights are pretty much the same.
During this time too, the veil between the spiritual and physical world gets thinner.

In my book, Legends of OM and the Light of Courage, Panache, the OM, breaks through the veil to reach Millie, an eleven year old who is letting her anxious mind get the best of her.  Fear and Dreads are moving in closer, feeding on her anxiety until Panache crashes through Millie’s window and into her bedroom.

To quote the legendary Bob Marley “Ay, in the darkness there must come out the light” 

Panache shines his Light (of courage) and drives the darkness back to their lairs.

As winter comes to an end, it marks the return of the light…
In this case, the Light of Courage!

I’ve been thrilled for having received such great reviews!
Thank you!

Next, Legends of OM (the origin story)

Is now in the works!
It is my hope that it will be available in the next few months.  This story is for any age and will be illustrated.
I’m having a lot of fun putting it together, creating the magic!

You won’t believe where OMs come from!
Above is an excerpt from Legends of OM, the origin tale….

Throwback to my first year.  I was commissioned to create OMs for children with cancer.  The shelf to my left shows the OMs with scarves on their heads.  On the table, painted, were our circus OMs….Lots of fun creating all of them!  Back then all the work was done from our living room.

What’s coming next…

Is a mystery!
Christmas of 2022 marked my 14th year; OM® by miquette aka, I love my OM® aka, Legends of OM®….I am both humbled and grateful for everyone who has bought and loved my OMs, supported them, supported me and, helped build my very creative career. Thank you, one and all!

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