A Penchant For Good Causes
April 30, 2011
Johannes Milla's Kinetic Architecture: 'Citizens in Motion!'
May 3, 2011

You might not think we have much in common with Willy Wonka
and in lots of ways, you’d be correct.
But there is one link – one connection –
that ties us to Roald Dahl’s colourful confectioner.
It’s our latest innovation here at OM HQ. It’s one that excites us rather a lot!
Have you read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
It ranks among our favorite books here in Saunderstown.
Do you recall the part in which the secretive Wonka decides to open up his fantastical factory, hiding five golden tickets, printed on golden paper, beneath the wrappers of five ordinary bars of chocolate?
Find a golden ticket and you will receive not only a tour of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but also enough chocolate and candy to last a lifetime.
Does that sound good?
We thought so too and so following much thought,
we’ve decided to introduce a golden ticket of our own.
But what does our golden ticket entail?
It’s a good question and one we’re thrilled to answer.
From this point hence, we will, from time to time, include an additional, unrequested OM with our orders.
A free OM, a bonus OM, a golden ticket OM!
Perhaps you have ordered Panache from us.
Perhaps when he arrives in your mailbox, he’ll be accompanied by a friend.
Maya maybe, or it could be Chara.
You see, our OMs love to travel and we love to send them, but we don’t like to think of them being lonely, especially on their longer journeys, and some do suffer from a little shyness at first.
So we think of our golden tickets as travelling companions for our OMs,
and as unexpected surprises for our customers.
Double the OMs, double the pleasure!
The exact details of our golden tickets and their distribution will remain a closely-guarded secret, known only to a handful of us here in the studio.
Unlike Willy Wonka, we won’t reveal how many golden tickets there are,
but rest assured, there’ll be more than five.
So please look out for your golden tickets and if you haven’t ordered already, here’s another reason to do so.
All we ask of you, if you do receive a golden ticket, is this:
Please tell us about it because as always, we value your feedback.
We hope you like our idea.
We love it and we have many, many more to introduce to you in the future.
In the meantime, we have to get back to work. There are still more than 99-million OMs to be made and unlike Willy Wonka, we don’t have a team of Oompa-Loompas at our disposal.
Perhaps we should get some.
Before we go,
we’d like to share with you this description of the Wonka Chocolate Factory,
 a marvellous place that had ‘huge iron gates leading into it and a high wall surrounding it and smoke belching from its chimneys and strange whizzing sounds coming from deep inside it’.
Our studio is a little different, granted.
But the end product is just as magical.

The journey to connect begins with a single word………OM.

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OM™ is a Trademark of miquette
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