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August 31, 2011
Connections come in all forms
September 9, 2011

Marriage means a great deal to us all here at OM HQ, where there’s nothing we like more than a good wedding.
Evidently, in that regard, we’re far from alone.
You see, in the United States alone, around two-and-a-half million ceremonies take place each year, proving that something that’s sometimes considered an old-fashioned institution is, in fact, far from finished.
One of the most recent weddings to take place in the US featured our good friends, Christopher and Emily, forever more to be known as The Guerettes, Mr and Mrs, their connection clear, like their love.
The last thing we’d ever want to do is embarrass them. But suffice to say, our contented couple, Mr and Mrs Guerette, are our kind of people.
So much so, that their guest list couldn’t have been more fitting.
You see, to their special day, The Guerettes invited OMs. Lots of them.
Size isn’t everything, as we’ve told you before, and the smallest invitees to Christopher and Emily’s big event made a massive impression.
You might recall that, some time ago, we told you that we’d been commissioned to make a bespoke OM wedding party. This was that party and what a party this was.
The pictures tell this tale better than words ever could so please take time to appreciate the intricacies of our most special order ever: The bride and groom OMs taking centre stage, surrounded as requested, by five bridesmaids and five groomsmen – each one handcrafted and unique, each groomsman bearing a backpack, its contents reflecting something about its recipient’s character.
This proved our most challenging assignment to date – a project time-consuming and complicated, pushing us to our limits, eating into our days and keeping us up at night.
That said, here in Saunderstown we loved it – each and every minute, because this kind of thing, this is what we’re here for, what we’re all about.
People like Christopher and Emily, days like Saturday, events meaningful like marriage.
It’s what inspires us. It’s our raison d’etre.
For us, marriage is the ultimate in connection.
The strongest bond, vows exchanged, lives interlinked, two people forever entwined.
Marriage, as we said right from the start, is important to us.
So too are our OMs and it meant a lot to us to bring the two together. Like Christopher and Emily, they’re a perfect fit, a true match.
Life is a journey, it’s true, and our beautiful couple have just taken theirs in a different direction.
No matter what might be encountered en route, their special connection means that they’ll always have each other to tackle life’s plentiful puzzles.
They’ll also have their OMs.
This has been an absolute honour, a privilege and a pleasure, a timely reminder that behind all the hard work, there is reason, there is beauty, and above all, there is connection.
From our studio here at OM HQ go, once more, our best wishes to Christopher and Emily, Mr and Mrs Guerette, for whom a long lifetime of happiness together is beckoning.
Happiness. That’s what it’s all about, right?
Here in Saunderstown, it’s a constant companion.

Love. Life. Happiness.



We are all connected.

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