Cousins + cupcakes = connection . . . .
May 16, 2012
"If ever there were a time when we can sense our interconnectedness . . . ."
May 22, 2012

You’ve heard about Maya’s forthcoming adventure . . . .
Our intrepid OM is preparing to trek The Appalachian Trail, accompanying Christine Baker and Jessie on an expedition that is expected to last six months.
It’s an ambitious undertaking, but our three-inch explorer is going to be in good hands.
You see, Christine shares our beliefs, the ones that inspire our OMs and underpin all our efforts here in Saunderstown, Rhode Island.
Her latest blog post proves as much. Its title is We are all connected and it’s something we’re delighted to share.
It’s best read in full, but to give a taste and offer an insight into the things that drive Christine and her kindness quest, here’s an inspirational excerpt:

‘The other day, I actually counted how many other people I saw: 786 to be exact. People in cars, waiting for the bus, in line at the pharmacy, sweeping the sidewalk, walking a dog, getting a haircut – strangers just going about the business of being alive. It was the first time I ever remember actually paying attention to every single person I saw. Who looked happy, who did not. Who just looked flat out tired and who looked inspired. I paid attention.

I was once again reminded that we are all connected.

Wake up to the world around you right now, in this moment. You have been given a chance. It’s spring and you have just turned over a new leaf. Make a promise to yourself to be more present in your own life. Make a promise to yourself to think twice before complaining or snapping at a co-worker. Make a promise to yourself to leave an extra tip for the waitress who is working so hard just to make ends meet.

Make a promise to yourself to realize one simple fact: we are all connected.’

Here in our studio, we couldn’t be more enthused as Maya prepares to join Christine and Jessie on the long path to Georgia.

Here’s to them, here’s to Walk4Good, and here’s to the invisible spider web that Christine believes ties all our lives together . . . .

We are all connected.

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