Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
July 6, 2011
Donna and Emily Mirza and the El Camino De Santiago
July 12, 2011

Bills. Junk mail. More junk mail. Bills. More junk mail – another bill.
Our morning mail deliveries don’t always excite us.
But this week?
This week, well, we could have kissed the mailman.
You see, this week, we received a special letter from The President of the United States.
You might remember that, several weeks back, we introduced you to an OM like no other, a creation that excited us like no other.
That creation, that OM, well, after much deliberation, we named him President OMbama.
We packaged President OMbama up, nice and safe, and sent him to The White House, the Executive Mansion.
Having been X-rayed, patted down, screened, tested and vetted by the Secret Service, it appears as though our President OMbama at last made it into the hands of its intended recipient and, what’s more, it seems he liked it!
How do we know this?
Because of our letter.

Now, after taking our President OMbama to the Post Office, we spent some time researching The White House Mail Room and its inner workings in order to assess our chances of success in this project.
This slide show, produced by The New York Times ‘The President’s Mailman’ proved informative, although it didn’t fill us with great hope.
Did you know, for example, that there is a bin inside the Mail Room marked NRN, or no response necessary, into which countless letters, packages and parcels are thrown, never to be seen again?
It goes without saying that we’re relieved President OMbama didn’t end up in there!
The President’s Mailman – or the Director of The White House Office of Correspondence, to give him his correct title – selects 10 letters to present to The President, 10 letters he feels will give the Oval Office an accurate sense of what and how ordinary Americans are feeling.
Then, and only then, does President Obama get his hands on them.
The odds of success are not attractive.
That our OM made it through this long and intensive process, that our OM reached its final destination, thrills us to bits and makes us think that perhaps this was just meant to be.
Now, we’re not sure where he is these days – our President OMbama that is – but it doesn’t matter.
He made it, all the way to The White House, all the way to The President.
It might have felt like Mission Impossible at times, but we did it.
Our vision is to use our OMs to connect the planet, from the top to the bottom, taking in all points in between.
That’s the top taken care of, the hard part.
The President has an OM.
The rest of the world is next.
That’s the simple part, for we have the ultimate: Presidential approval for our OMs and our efforts.
It’s an honor to have our own representative in The White House, an emissary, underlining our thoughts and beliefs, our common goals, our objectives.
It’s one of the greatest of all our connections, so far.
It’s exciting and inspiring and we’ll continue in our quest to spread our message, to share our principles.
“To unite, to connect”.
Here’s to our President OMbama and President Obama….May the two of them find happiness together!
We are all connected.

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