Every single piece of the puzzle of life is essential
March 4, 2020
Let Your Light Shine
March 31, 2020

I was given this verse while attending Sunbridge Institute in 1998:

We must eradicate from the soul
all fear and terror of what
comes towards man
out of the future.
We must acquire serenity
in all feelings and sensations
about the future.

We must look forward
with absolute equanimity
to everything that may come.
And we must think only that
whatever comes is given to us
by a world-directive
full of wisdom.

It is part of what we
must learn in this age,
namely, to live out of pure
trust, without any security
in existence.
Trust in the ever present
help of the spiritual world.

Truly, nothing else will do
if our courage is not to fail us.

And let us seek the awakening
from within ourselves,
every morning
and every evening.

Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925)

There’s an awful lot of media generating an awful lot of fear these days and I’m sorry for this.
This thing that has swept the planet has touched all our lives, it’s a thread that binds us together in a fashion perhaps never before experienced.
Yet, it has also served to remind us – once again – that we are all connected.
(I only wish OMs were doing the reminding and spreading this quickly!)

Either way, we are Connected and Blessed.

Yes, blessed by life and life’s challenges. All of life experiences enhance awareness.  Challenges wake us up out of darkness, stop us in our tracks and make us look around;
To become more grateful.
To cherish what we have
To Love one another, be there for each other.
To place value on what’s truly important: Love, Kindness, Compassion, Connection, Life!

The darkness, needs to be seen, not as a threat, but as an opportunity to love.
As this time passes, we will see a global community emerge from the darkness, full of gratitude, compassion and more connected.
We are all OMs; Warriors against fear, darkness and finding our light of courage!

Where ever you are in the world right now, we are keeping you in the light.  Take care of yourself, of others, be kind, have courage, faith and remember…

You are not alone.
No life is separate from another: We Are All Connected

Best wishes always,


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  1. A fan says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. These are my sentiments exactly. As a Catholic, my trust is in the Lord and all of those in Heaven watching over us, but other than that slight difference in who the supernatural being is, I am 💯 on board with these powerful thoughts. Fear is destroying us and will continue to divide. We must not lose faith, hope and courage! I hope you can spread this message far and wide…it’s one we all need to hear and carry out during these troubling times. And this pandemic has certainly opened my eyes to the need to slow down and clear out the “unnecessary“ from my life. Never have I felt more connected and in communication with my own family and loved ones…because I have the time now. Oh, how much precious time I have squandered away being too busy. One of the greatest lessons this has taught me is to appreciate and focus on what really matters and to show more love and compassion for everyone around me.

    May you find peace and stay healthy during these uncertain times. And please keep spreading your beautiful message!