For kids, against DIPG; feel that connection
April 20, 2018
Thanksgiving 2019
November 28, 2019

You’ll remember Kira Brown-Augdal aka Kira Fierce, we hope.
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 8.03.29 AM.png
No longer with us, but forever in our hearts and our memories.
Lost to DIPG, a devastating childhood cancer, a beautiful life cut short in November, 2017.
Gone, but never forgotten; a figurehead; a thread; a light still shining.
That light celebrated right here in Rhode Island this month.
To remember. To cherish. To raise awareness.
To raise funds also, for those still in DIPG’s grip need our support, be it spiritual or financial, to continue the fight.
The fight for hope. For life. For Kira. For Totally Infinity.
Totally Infinity is something that Kira came up with when she lost the ability to talk.
Her own sign language.
To communicate. To connect.
Three fingers = to-tall-y. Four = in-fin-i-ty.
How was she feeling?
Some days, Totally Infinity Good. Others, Totally Infinity Bad. Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 7.31.15 AM
It’s something that stuck, the name we gave to the most special OM in our collection . . .
The Totally Infinity OM.
One for you, the other for someone who holds a special place in your heart.
Someone like Kira Fierce. Someone Totally Infinity Good.
With all sales directly supporting the children still fighting the fight against DIPG in Mexico, our Totally Infinity OMs proved popular at our recent fundraising event.
But like this story, it isn’t about us and it isn’t about them . . .
It’s about community. It’s about kinship. It’s about Kira. It’s about connection.
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 7.18.46 AM.png
‘A thread of hope wove itself through every interaction, as we connected over these children,’ says Kim, Kira’s Aunt, for whom the fight goes on.  “I’m absolutely blown away by the people who came out to support the Making DIPG History in Monterrey project last night at the Totally Infinity Artists’ Gala.”
That thread of hope. That thing that binds our lives. That connection . . .
Never has it felt more profound.

  • A HUGE Thank you to the artists who contributed their work: Philippe Lejeune. Janelle Fiegley. John Repoza. Chris Stephens. Joya Maxwell. Miranda Richardson. Elizabeth Spring. Susan Fox. Dan Dunn. Coral Woodbury. Bill Krul. Lisa Waldheger. Shane Roche. Robyn Ivy. Kim Mendes. Wendy Fachon. Cindy Wilson. Seth Jacobson. Tabitha Jorgensen. Mariah Martin. Ned Arvidson. The local businesses: Yoreganics. The Place. Shayna’s Place. The Kayak Centre. Wickford Package Store. Tavern by the Sea. Inside Scoop. Calaveras. Nettie’s Kettle Corn. Mills Creek Market. Ray Jorgensen, who provided live music. The friends. The families. The people, too many to mention.
    Connected. United. Bound together forever.

‘People want to help,’ says Kim. ‘People are committed to help. Awareness is essential. Combine that with the power of love and we have hope.’

Inside the Mexican clinic defying Aussie doctors and saving our kids

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 7.37.35 AM copy
Kim Beauchamp:  ‘We want people to get to know and love these children the way their own families do; to show the world that they could be anyone’s children; and to herald the call for increased DIPG awareness, research, and funding.’
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