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July 30, 2011
We are all connected
August 5, 2011

You’ve heard all about the Six Degrees of Separation.
Now we’d like to introduce you all to our own social experiment, devised right here in our studio in Saunderstown.
Like the original, our experiment is based around the connection concept.  It’s something that we’d like you to help us with.
It’s called The Six Degrees of SeparatiOM.
You’ll recall from our recent blog posts that the Six Degrees concept contends that everyone on Earth is connected to everyone else in six steps or less.
Us too, to be honest, so this is what we’re asking.
We’re asking if you, our friends and followers, would select six friends or acquaintances (just six), friends or acquaintances unfamiliar with OMs, and introduce them.
It could be in person, give them an OM, it could be through word of mouth, email, text or Twitter.   You might, perhaps, forward them a link to our website or direct them to our Facebook page.  It doesn’t really matter how the introduction is made, just as long as it’s made.
In that introduction, then suggest that they, the friend or acquaintance in question, ask and introduce a further six friends or acquaintances to our OMs, and so on and so forth.  Should reluctance be encountered, assure them that they’ve been selected to take part in an important scientific research project.  Flatter them a little, sometimes that tends to get results.
Now, providing everyone does their bit, the scientific theories upon which we’ve based this experiment suggest that, inside 12 months or so, the world’s OM population will have increased beyond imagination.  Here in Saunderstown, we’ll have a special team monitoring internet traffic over the coming months as an attempt to detect the first signs of success of this unique and brilliant scheme.
In the short-term, our aim is to introduce more and more people to OMs, to connect and increase our global community through our Facebook and blog.  Long-term, we want everyone to be able to enjoy having an OM of their own to share, give away or treasure and spread our message.

Do you have a friend who is OMless?

If the answer is yes, let us help you help them.

The Six Degrees of SeparatiOM.

Will you take part?


We are all connected.

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