John, Evelyn, Emma & the OMs: In New York City, we are all connected . . . .
July 17, 2012
Patience, tolerance, faith, forgiveness, love, wisdom & spirit . . . .
July 23, 2012

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Their inspiration came from Mother Teresa . . . .
‘Kind words can be short and easy to speak,’ she said. ‘But their echoes are truly endless.’
Their project is rooted in such beliefs. It is called The Sugar Cube Factory.
This is an online undertaking, a website that, at its most simple, helps people to distribute their words of kindness around the world. Its founders describe it as ‘a platform to spread random acts of kindness’. Such things speak loud and clear to us all here at OM HQ.
The founders in question are four friends from London, Colombia and Florida. That their kindness quest seems certain to succeed thanks to their involvement with Kickstarter makes this all the more interesting to us.
To quote Jose Tortolero, the Floridian in the foursome, ‘I’m passionate about this . . . . it’s such a simple idea, as simple as making someone smile, but maybe it will make a real difference in the life of someone.’
Spreading smiles is an important business and, having grown tired of hearing stories of children being bullied, Jose looked to his past for inspiration.
He found it in his mother, who died when he was just 16.
‘With her love and kindness, her positive energy, I was a millionaire,’ explains a man whose upbringing in Venezuela was, at times, a difficult one. That in mind, Jose understands better than most that a little kindness goes an awful long way.
So too the team, whose mission statement outlines their determination to ‘build a place where one good intention can be distributed to many people around the world’ and to ‘connect unconnected people through words of kindness’.
Such words are called Sugar Cubes. There’s no question in our minds that to receive one would be sweet indeed.
Having closed a successful Kickstarter campaign just this week, The Sugar Cube team are making their final preparations before the big launch . . . .
This project struck such a chord here at OM HQ that we felt it was important to help spread the message. That in mind, we’d like to give The Sugar Cube Factory the final word . . . .
To quote from their website, the reason for this project is that ‘when we concentrate on making someone else happy, we make ourselves happy too. Because kind words could make a difference in someone else’s life. Because the more we smile, the healthier we are [and] because never before in the history of our planet have we had the chance to reach so many people so fast. Let’s use this opportunity to do good to others and ourselves’.
Here at OM HQ, this is right up our street . . . .

Here’s to The Sugar Cube Factory, here’s to happiness and here’s to connecting the unconnected . . .

We are all connected.

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  1. Jose Tortolero says:

    WOW! This is amazing!! Thank you so much for your support!!!!