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May 12, 2011
An OM hOMe for Tim BurtOM
May 20, 2011

Following our Facebook page?  No?   Well you should, there’s a lot going on there, more than ever, in fact.
If you are amongst our fast-growing community, thanks for your support.  You’ll have seen our request, our appeal, posted earlier this week. It was titled Everyone deserves an OM.
In short, we’re looking for suggestions for places to send our OMs, for people deserving a small friend, people seeking support, looking for a lift, hoping for a little happiness.
Our search has just begun, but we’ve found our first cause, perhaps our greatest cause yet, a cause so inspiring that we just have to get involved.
This cause touched us here in Saunderstown and we’re certain it’ll touch you too. This cause is connective. This cause is called Team George.
Team George is a small charity, established to help and support George Bertie Johnson, a one-year-old in England suffering from a rare condition that has caused him to spend his entire life in the hospital.
George cannot eat or drink and has to be fed through his heart.  He has been through a tremendous deal in his short life.
George is still smiling, check it out, it’s infectious!
George is a beautiful little man and here in Rhode Island, we’re in awe of him.  But it’s not just George, it’s the people around him, the people he has connected, it’s his team, Team George.
Team George, through their excellent website and fast-growing Facebook page (3137 followers at the last count), exist to help further George’s diagnosis and support his treatment, to raise awareness and funds, and to promote information and support for other children suffering similar conditions.
In posting this blog, we hope we’re helping. Like George himself, Team George inspires us here in Saunderstown. Three thousand miles might separate us, but we feel connected and we want to join the team.
Our plan is, of course, to send George an OM to watch over him in the hospital, to shine a light, to show our support. Our OMs are going to some important people these days, but none are as important, none as inspirational as this brave little fighter in his hospital bed.
Please check out Team George on Facebook or visit the website and let’s help our friends achieve their aim.
Be sure to take a moment to appreciate that smile, that glint in George’s eyes, be sure to be inspired, be sure to send your support, be sure to keep him in your thoughts.
Go George, you have our full support here in Rhode Island.
Team George, we salute you.
Keep up the good work!

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