'Let's realize that a change can only come when we all stand together as one' – We are the World . . .
December 13, 2012
It's the most wonderful time of the year!
December 20, 2012

Greetings from the team at the OM@home blog, a blog about children and young people, written for children and young people . . . .
For young people just like you, about all the young people who inspire us here at OM HQ . . .
we are all connected
Young people like these . . .
Like Jason Smith Jr. Like Ocean Eisenberg. Like Evan Moss and Lucy Walkowiak.
Like Rachel Beckwith and Ahmed Kelly and the innumerable others to have featured on our blog in recent months.
Like anyone who spends their time setting an example to others. Those inspiring. Those showing that, in life, the possibilities are endless. Those proving that age is no barrier, and that great things can be achieved.
Those taking note. Those reading our blog. Those learning from it.
That such great things are being done by so many young people is something that has inspired us all here in our studio, at OM HQ, in Saunderstown, Rhode Island, in recent times.
It has made us realize that, although life throws up such tragedies, our world is in safe hands . . .
In the hands of young people like those to have featured here. In the hands of people like YOU.
Here at OM HQ, we’d like to thank you all for following and supporting this blog and we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. In spending so much time learning about such wonderful and inspiring young people, we feel we’ve received the best gift possible already!
We are all connected at Christmas . . .

We are all connected.

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