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June 16, 2011
It's not a Gnome, It's an OM!
June 21, 2011

Here in Saunderstown as you’ll know, we’re suckers for an inspirational quotation, a nice catchphrase  or a sensible saying.

Proverbs, though are our particular preference, the older the better – assuming, of course, that they’re still relevant to us, here and now, in 2011, in Rhode Island.

The current favorite in our studio is this, said, according to our researchers, to have originated in France several centuries ago:  The best things come in small packages.

Even now, thousands of miles away, hundreds of years later and in a different language, it speaks to us loud and clear.

In fact, it’s something that sums us up rather well, don’t you agree?

It’s rather inspirational, almost poignant in its nature.

Perhaps it should become our motto.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to receive an OM from our studio, you’ll appreciate that, although the package is small, the content is captivating.

Small but formed perfectly, to use another favorite phrase, our OMs punch well above of their modest weight.  Big might be beautiful, but here at OM HQ, size counts for nothing.

You see, we’ve always been proud of our Rhode Island roots, protective of a state that ranks as the smallest in the huge nation which we call our home.

You might not realise it, but you could squeeze Rhode Island into Alaska, America’s largest state, more than 600 times and still have room to spare.  But spend a little time in the Ocean State, taking in the spectacular coastline and the beautiful beaches, and you’d have to agree: size is an irrelevance, it’s true, for in the smallest packages come the best of all things.

So too in regard to our OMs, indeed our entire operation here in Saunderstown, where we’re proud still to be small.

Think quality, think independent, think personal. Think connected!

Because our OMs do connect, people all over the planet agree.  Individually, sure, they’re just three-inches tall.

But collectively, all together, they’re standing tall, making a difference, having an impact!

To us, size matters in one respect and one respect alone: ambition.

It is something that we’ve got in spades, as you’ll have realised by now, for certain.

Just look at our stated goals:

To populate the planet, one OM at a time.

To create 100,000,000 OMs and to send them all over the Earth, far and wide, to all corners, sending a message, making connections.

Big plans, for sure, but that’s us all over, it’s what we’re all about here in Saunderstown.

Small in size, perhaps, but big on belief.

Lacking in inches, yes, but not in ambition.

If you’ll forgive us another quotation it is, as Mark Twain once remarked  ‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog’.

Barring the canine comparisons, it illustrates our point to perfection.

You see, we’re full of fight, or, perhaps a little more accurately, determination. Determination to make it. Determination to succeed.

And we will succeed, for small we might be, but big are our plans.

Small are our steps, but big are our strides.

So stick with us, help us grow, stick with us, watch us go.

You could even order yourself a small package because after all, you know what they say about them, don’t you?


the best things.

Not the biggest.

The best!

That’s us.

We are all connected. 

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