It's not a Gnome, It's an OM!
June 21, 2011
Rhode Island is great, but Madagascar it ain't!
June 27, 2011

The Lake District – the region in North-West England that Alice Pyne calls home – is renowned for both its stunning countryside and its inclement conditions.
Like her scenic surroundings, the 15-year-old is beautiful.
The comparisons end there, though, for it seems that unlike her oft-sodden home town, Alice has the sunniest disposition.
It might be raining in her heart – a teenager mature beyond her years is, after all, fighting terminal cancer – but she’d never let on.
Since first learning about Alice two weeks ago, we, here in Saunderstown, have spent much time pouring over her blog.
Captivating and touching in equal measure, it has made a mark in our studio.
Our admiration, enormous right from the start, has just grown and grown.
You’ll recall from our previous blog post on this topic that, having accepted her fate, Alice created her bucket list – things, as she explained in her matter-of-fact manner, to do ‘before I have to go’ – and posted it on her blog 
Little did she suspect the impact it’d have, the interest it’d attract or the lives it’d touch: all over the planet, in all walks of life, people know about Alice, about her diagnosis, about her list.
You might have seen that list.  You might also have noticed that more and more items are being checked off.   She’s working through it, that bucket list, all those things she is determined to do before she has ‘to go’.
She’s having a great time, in her own words, ‘so much fun’.
In recent days Alice has met Take That, perhaps the hottest band in the UK right now, and has been swimming with sharks.  She has flown in a private jet, ridden in a pink Hummer, entered Mabel – her beloved Labrador – in a dog contest and acquired an iPad. In purple.
It isn’t on her bucket list but we’re thrilled to report that soon she’ll also have an OM to call her own.
You see Alice is keen for us to send her a special friend from our studio.
He’ll match the iPad, a purple OM for a special girl, her favorite color, our favorite project.
Our admiration for Alice is obvious so it goes without saying that this thrills us to no end here in Saunderstown.  But it’s more than that, much more.  It’s not just a thrill, it’s an honor.
It’s humbling to have this chance and we’re determined to make this our best OM ever.  Extra love and extra care will go into this one, an OM to treasure for a spirit to treasure.
In recent times, we’ve made OMs for President Obama, Tim Burton and countless Hollywood movie stars.
But this, this right here?   This is special, so special.
Since posting her first blog, Alice has been inundated with offers from admirers all across the globe, the interest astonishing, the attention overwhelming.
Most are – due to sheer logistics and the fact that, at heart, she is a selfless, generous person – having to be turned down.  But our offer, our OM?  We’re pleased to report that something struck a chord, something spoke to her.
Alice would like an OM and Alice will soon have one.
So it’s off to our studio to start work, but not before paying tribute, doffing our cap, once again.
You see, Alice could be forgiven for caring for nothing but herself right now, she has earned all these rewards and no-one could complain if she dedicated her remaining days to enjoying them.
But no, not Alice.  That’s just not her.
Campaigning to raise the profile of bone marrow donation services, using her global profile to publicise the plight of other sick youngsters, urging prospective benefactors to send their gifts to others in her stead, Alice is showing her true colors.
Alice is the kind of person for whom OMs were first created.
Alice moves and Alice touches.  But above all, Alice inspires.
Perhaps that’s the reason she has had the effect she has, touching lives all over the world, bringing people together, finding a common ground.
You’ll have your OM soon, Alice.
You deserve your OM.
OMs are for people like you.

We are all connected.


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