Connection? Omaha? OMs?
July 27, 2011
First Field Trip
July 30, 2011

Start spreading the news, we’re leaving today!

OK, well, not quite today, but soon, in less than two weeks – right to the very heart of it, New York, New York.

To quote the late, great Frank Sinatra just a little more, we want to be a part of it, to make a brand new start of it. So it’s farewell Saunderstown, hello Manhattan!

You see, we’ve managed to secure a pitch at the world-famous New York International Gift Fair, king of trade shows, maker of dreams.

There – at the Javits Convention Center, a stone’s toss from the Hudson River, five blocks from  Hell’s Kitchen, the heart of the Big Apple – we’ll soon be introducing our OMs to the world.

That’s little old us, little old us from little old Saunderstown, in the fabled city that never sleeps.

It’s fair to say that the prospect has caused us one or two restless nights in recent times!

More than 35,000 attendees from all 50 states and 85 countries are due at the Gift Fair to take a look, to quote the blurb, at ‘the very best lines across the home, lifestyle and gift spectrum’.

They’re looking, in short, for the next big thing.

That that next big thing could be us makes us shiver.

You know, we’re still a small operation, proud to be petite, in fact.

But that doesn’t mean we’re content to remain so forever.

Our aim is to be known across the globe, 100 million OMs all over the planet.

Exposure such as this could be our springboard.

The Javits Convention Center is known as The Marketplace for the World. It’s our time to start trading in that marketplace, to push ourselves and to see where it takes us.

It’s more than a little daunting, just reserving a stall at the NYIGF is an achievement in itself, but guess what? We’ve done it, booked our spot, a good one at that.

So all that’s left to do is turn up, smile a lot, promote our brand, promote ourselves. That’s something that we’re good at and we’re fortunate that our OMs tend to sell themselves.

That said, success on this front could present an immense challenge. Success on this front could change everything.

Not quite everything – we’ll still be the same people with the same beliefs, the same dreams, the same OMs – but, as has been pointed out to us, we could soon have less time on our hands, a lot less.

To showcase our OMs to 35,000 potential buyers threatens some major orders, orders that could transform our project, push us to our limits, change our lives.

But here in Saunderstown we’re ready, set to meet those challenges head on, to push ourselves, above all, to succeed.

More than anything, we like showing off our OMs, meeting people and making connections.

Never in our lives have we had a better chance to do just that than we’ll have, the weekend after next, in Manhattan, NYC.

If, as Sinatra sang, we can make it there, we can make it anywhere.

It’s up to us. New York, New York.

We are all connected.



  1. oopstuff says:

    OM! love the enthusiasm. love the spirit. love the connection. Love that I just got a second email from wordpress featuring your blog!

  2. Thanks David! Love the support!