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July 11, 2013
'We have all the answers we need inside us . . .'
July 18, 2013

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There’s nothing quite like a cuddle . . .

This, the most simple human gesture, is also perhaps the most powerful, the ultimate in physical intimacy, an act that expresses love in an instant, underlining affection, showing sympathy, support, friendship and familiarity.

People cuddle when things are going right, as well as when they’re going wrong. Cuddles can comfort and console, cuddles can also celebrate. Cuddles are universal, crossing cultural divides. Cuddles demonstrate warmth and cuddles are always welcome. Cuddles can even make us feel better about ourselves and improve our health, with scientific studies having shown that chemicals released during the process make our emotions go up and our blood pressure go down. There’s not much that connects us as human beings quite like a good cuddle. Needless to say, here at OM®, cuddles are all the rage.

You might be wondering why we’re telling you all this. The reason is quite simple. You see, in recent times, we’ve been hard at work developing an OM that can be cuddled. You’ll have seen him in that picture up there. You’ll agree, he’s something rather special.

Our regular OMs are awesome and crafting them – which, after all, is our purpose in life – will always be our main passion. They’re amazing, inspirational, connective creatures, but being quite small and rather hard, they’re not that good to cuddle. In that regard, our latest line – Plush Panache, we’re calling him – will be different.

This is an OM that our friends at Magic Cabin are developing on our behalf, using our original OM as the inspiration and making him all soft and huggable. The design is still being finalized, but Plush Panache, we can confirm, will be 15 inches tall and, with his 100% cotton knitted body, super soft. He’ll be on sale in the Magic Cabin catalog from October 15th. Needless to say, we can’t wait to get our hands on him!

This is something that we’ve been wanting to do for quite some time and we’re grateful to the team at Magic Cabin for making our dream a reality. An OM that can be cuddled appeals to us all a great deal. We’re expecting Plush Panache to be in demand . . .

For those times when things aren’t going so well. For those times when you’re bursting with love. For those times when you just need a cuddle and there’s no-one around. No matter the occasion, you don’t need an excuse to cuddle an OM. They’re crying out for it.

That doesn’t mean that we should stop cuddling each other and it’s our hope that this, our latest initiative, will help to remind us all that, from time to time, having a cuddle is a basic human need. People and OMs alike, this is something we should be doing more . . .

Panache, OM, OM by Miquette, Miquette Bishop, Saunderstown, Rhode Island, OM by Miquette, connection, we are all connected

We are all connected.

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