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July 16, 2013
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July 23, 2013

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This blog, more often than not, tends to focus on the people who inspire our efforts here at OM® . . .

People like Hannah Brencher, for instance. People like Matt Brenton and Karen Klein, Katelyn Idelicato, Paul Salopek and others.

This morning, we’re going to do things a little differently. You see, we’re going to turn this thing on its head and tell you about someone who we’ve inspired. Her name is Carly Mentlik.

Based in California, Carly is a highly-accomplished clinical counselor, yoga instructor and special education teacher. Her credentials are beyond question and her faith in her methods is unshakable. So too is her penchant for OMs – so much so that Carly has begun to use them in her work, and to great effect too.

Carly’s approach specializes in helping gifted and highly-sensitive children, teen girls’ development and the dynamics in relationships between parents and their adolescent offspring. She offers holistic counselling for children, teens and adults, and also provides learning support services.

‘I believe,’ she says, ‘that we have all the answers we need inside us [but] sometimes we need help in accessing them, listening to them, learning the skills and gaining the confidence needed to take action. My philosophy and approach has been influenced by every relationship, experience and insight I’ve had throughout my life. I believe many times that the most profound teachings are transmitted by the most unlikely of sources. I’m committed to creating an environment where [people] realize [that] they’re allowed to share, explore and learn about all aspects of themselves without judgement. When this happens, it opens the door for deep transformation. I support everyone I work with in clearing away all the layers that make it difficult to tap into their inner strength, to listen to their inner voice and to be open to building tools that will help to overcome life’s continual obstacles’.

It’s a thrill, and a genuine privilege, to report that, in creating the environment outlined above, Carly has identified the importance of OMs . . .

In recent times, our OMs have been introduced to a group of teenage girls who have been working with Carly and her team. They’ve been reading about our figurines, learning about their characters and the concept, and they’ve even created a special OM garden. The girls are said to be ‘excited’ and ‘obsessed’ and are interested in learning to make their own OMs.

That our efforts are touching these lives, making a difference and assisting Carly as she helps people to unlock their inner potential is inspirational beyond belief. It suggests to us that we’re doing things correctly, that we’re on the right lines and that our principles are sound.

‘I’ve been endlessly inspired by all of the people I’m meeting who share similar beliefs and are passionate about working together to create change,’ Carly adds. Here at OM®, we feel the same.

We’d like to thank Carly, for recognizing and understanding the work that we’re doing here, for realizing that our aims are common, for making such a profound connection and for sharing so much. We wish her well with her work, in particular the development of Mandala Daydreams, a community-based learning center in Leucadia, that offers ‘a space to learn and grow together’.

We’re delighted that it’s also a space that has room for our OMs and we couldn’t be happier that our figurines are going to such a good home, to do such great work. Long may it continue . . .

OM, OM by Miquette, Carly Mentlik, Mandala Learning, Miquette Bishop, Saunderstown, Rhode Island, we are all connectedWe are all connected.

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