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April 11, 2011
Got a feeling in my heart for you
April 15, 2011

"i love my OM"
Our OMs are nothing if not intrepid, accustomed to leaving Rhode Island behind and heading for destinations across the globe.
Travel is not something that daunts our adventurous chums. But the journey that awaits the latest departure from our studio here in Saunderstown is like nothing an OM has ever faced before.
For Chara – the OM in question – the road will be long, 3100 miles to be precise.
In 100 astonishing days, she will travel across the United States, coast-to-coast, from The Pacific to The Atlantic and all ports in between, passing through 13 states and making connections as she goes.
It is an undertaking that makes us rather proud and it is one that can do immense good.
Connections are our thing and our latest has brought us into contact with Mark Allison, a remarkable Englishman who is preparing to travel from one side of our vast nation to the other. On foot and in little more than three months.
Mark’s quest – one that will require him to run 31 miles a day, every day, for 100 days – will see him depart Huntington Beach, California on May 1 and arrive at Coney Island, New York on August 8. We’re delighted to say that Chara will be with him every step of the way, although OMs not being the best of runners, it might be that she has to settle for a seat alongside Mark’s support team in the RV that will follow him on his punishing journey.
Mark is hoping to raise £50,000 – a little over $81,000 – for two good causes close to his heart, The Children’s Foundation, a charity in the UK, and St Benedict’s Hospice, where Mark’s mother was cared for during her final days fighting lung cancer.
It might seem a tall order, but Mark has good pedigree in this field. In 2007, he ran from John O’Groats to Lands End – at 874 miles, the length of Great Britain – and raised a little over $55,000 for St Benedict’s Hospice in the process.
Clearly, taking on the United States is a little more challenging, the UK being rather small in comparison. For that reason, we are glad that Chara will be accompanying Mark on his incredible trip as a token of our support, offering him encouragement along the way, acting as both mascot and good luck charm.
Mark has chosen Chara as he says she will remind him of his wife and son back home in the UK. He also says that he is honoured to grant Chara a place on his team. Here in Saunderstown, we are honoured to be a part of his story, and as well as sending Chara as a sign of our admiration for his undertaking, we hope to raise Mark’s profile in the United States and help him to realise his goals.
We will be charting Mark and Chara’s progress across the United States here on our website, but if you’d like to learn more in the meantime, please visit www.rungeordierun.com
Donations can be made at www.justgiving.com/rungeordierun1 or  www.justgiving.com/rungeordierun2 and if you would like to leave Mark a message of support, please be sure to give us a mention.
Chara is currently travelling to the UK to join Mark as he makes his final preparations for a quest that will take him through California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.
Perhaps you will see him.  Please look out for Chara and be sure to wave!

We are all connected.

i love my OM

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