Dreamers into Doers
April 9, 2011
Run Geordie Run!
April 12, 2011

Let’s hear it for Springtime, prince of seasons!
The other seasons have their merits, but Spring, time of awakenings and fresh beginnings, Spring is a cut above the rest.
There isn’t a more inspiring time of year in the OM community, not in our studio.
Spring is an OM favourite, a genuine highlight, a time to savour.
It’s Spring that resonates the strongest in OM circles, it means the most to us because it’s Spring that best captures our spirit and symbolises all we stand for.
The reason?
It’s about possibilities, about fresh starts and revitalisation.  It’s organic, it’s evolution, and it’s nature, connecting and interacting.  It’s all about blossoming and flowering.
A new-found warmth, the sun sharing its heat for the first time in the year.
It’s life in Technicolor.
So it’s peak time on the OM migration calendar as well, a time for our tiny troops to harness the optimism in the air and to march forth, to spread the word and shine a light.
It may not be Spring where you are – not quite yet – but it will be coming and so will OMs.
In the spirit of Spring, open your hearts and open your homes and let them in, because connected, the world can be a better place, a brighter place, a warmer place.

The journey to connect begins with a single word……..OM.

i love my OM

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  1. Beth says:

    Nice post. So cheery and hope-filled. Spring is making a one day, cameo appearance today. Back to yeck tomorrow. I’ll try to keep your works in mind as the clouds and cold come back!
    Beth – OnceUponAPuzzle.com