OMs and Stars are singing…"we are all connected"
April 8, 2011
Let's hear it for Springtime, prince of seasons!
April 11, 2011

You’ve befriended us on Facebook and followed our feed on Twitter. Now, as of this week, you can also find us at Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers online network.

Our latest home on the internet puts us on a platform alongside some of the best up and coming businesses in the United States and is a significant step forward as we look to take our project to the next level.

Described as being a celebration of ‘talented and creative women who turn their dreams into careers they love’, our arrival at Dreamers into Doers will introduce us to a whole new audience and, hopefully, open doors that will help us realise our goal to change the world one OM at a time.

We’re proud to be involved in this project and are excited about the opportunities Dreamers into Doers promises to create for us and our little friends.

Please check out our Dreamers into Doers page at we are now a FEATURED member!

And, if you haven’t already found us on Facebook or Twitter, please be sure to look us up as we’re keen to increase our following.

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