OM community is abuzz…
April 6, 2011
Dreamers into Doers
April 9, 2011

Imagine our excitement at OM Central to learn that astronomers in Britain have discovered that, trillions of miles above us, deep in outer Space, the stars are singing!

The Celestial Sphere is rather special to us here in Saunderstown, so much so that most of our OMs are named after the stars in the night skies.

The OMs have always had certain musical qualities that no-one has ever been able to explain. Perhaps this holds the answer.

Granted, the songs the stars sing do not sound much like music as we think of  it, more like a distant and persistent rumbling, a little like a freight train in the distance.

But their songs are fabulously old and in celestial circles the singing stars are a study in tunefulness.

It might come in myriad forms and styles, but music is amongst the most unifying forces on the planet, something that links and connects us all.

To think it originates so high in the skies is rather inspiring.

If we are to ever find the true harmony that continues to evade the global population, we will need music.

And for reasons beyond our comprehension, light years above us, such songs are being sung.

These songs are helping astrophysicists understand the stars in greater depth, teaching important lessons about their size, age and composition, aiding discovery, pointing the way.

Understanding through music – we can all learn a little from that, can’t we?

High and low, in all places on Earth and above it, there is music and there is a need for greater understanding.

OMs know this, and you do to, we all do.

Be it down here or up there, we are all connected.




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