The OMs are our Caterpillars
April 5, 2011
OMs and Stars are singing…"we are all connected"
April 8, 2011

These are exciting times for us here.  In our Saunderstown studio, the OM community is abuzz at news of new arrivals. They’re not here yet, but they’re coming, to the excitement of all at OM HQ.
The special edition Meadowbrook Spring Fling OM – exclusively designed and painted by Rhode Island artist Uli Brahmst – has attracted great interest since the opening of the online auction. Please visit our Facebook page, or for further details click on this link to the auction site.  Anyone can register to bid.
It’s not our only fundraiser as we strive to lend a hand and make a difference, one OM at a time.
Having heard about our project, the brains behind a new non-profit organization that has been established to help children with cancer have asked us to create for them an OM to aid their fundraising efforts. It is a project that we have great belief in and we’re only too glad to help.
Other projects are in the pipeline, but for now, details – like new designs – remain under wraps. Please keep visiting us, you’ll hear all about our new developments and forthcoming projects here first.
We’d love to know what you think of our OMs and we’d welcome your feedback. If you’ve given an OM a home, please drop us a line and tell us how you’re getting on! In particular, we’d love to see some more photographs of OMs in their new surroundings.
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Please come and join us because as you know, we are all connected

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  1. Beth says:

    I can’t wait to see pictures! Best of luck with the auction.
    Beth –