July 20, 2011
Connection? Omaha? OMs?
July 27, 2011

Pop the corks, hang out the flags, light the blue touch paper.

It’s Sunday, it’s July 24, 2011. It’s National OM Day!

It’s the first one ever, our inaugural event, a time to take stock and celebrate all things OM.

It’s a time to come together to salute the Saunderstown superstars.

It’s a time, above all, to connect.

Throughout The United States, people everywhere are bringing out their OMs, thinking about all that their OMs mean, all that their OMs stand for.

It’s OM time in OklahOMa. In OMaha. In CONNECTicut. In OMerica.

This is their time, this is their mOMemt.

It’s OM Day, it’s here!

Have you got an OM?

You’re not alone and that’s what this is all about: celebrating togetherness, recognising that in some ways that we understand and in some ways that we don’t, we are all connected.  Our OMs are one way, but there are a lot more, a lot more.

Connection. That’s the name of the game, the name of our game. Look at that OM for a moment, think about all the other people doing the same.

People from all backgrounds: old and young, black and white, rich and poor, for all have OMs, all are connected.

Think President Obama. Think Alice Pyne. Think Tim Burton and the mega-celebrities from the MTV Movie Awards.

Think Donna and Emily Mirza trekking through Spain to raise funds for the Twa people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Think Mark Allison running 3100 miles across the United States to benefit his good causes back home in the UK.

Think us here in Saunderstown. Think you, wherever you might be: Maine perhaps, or Montana, Philadelphia, Florida or Fayetteville.

Think about lives linked, bonds shared. Think about great connection. That’s OM Day, that’s its root.

Think what it means to you:

Perhaps there’s a connection that’s waiting to be made.

Perhaps today’s the day.

Perhaps this is the time to make a friendship, a time to reach out and to relate.

Perhaps it’s the time to examine an existing connection.

Connection comes in all shapes and in all forms and the good thing is that it’s never too late to make it.

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse, we’ve given you one.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time, this is it.

This is OM Day, this is what it’s for, what it’s about.

Why now?  Why today?

 Here in Saunderstown, in our studio, the time just felt right, so much has happened in recent times, so much positive, so much good.

The moment, our moment, was there, just waiting to be grabbed.

Grab it we did. We’re not letting go.

Think of us for a moment, if you will. Think about all we stand for.

That’s what we’re celebrating here.

To reference Thomas Jefferson, it’s about equality, liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness.

To reference our good friend S Paul Carlson, we see 100 million OMs, and a world where people are connected.

Never more so than today, never more so than on OM Day, the first ever, the first of many, all across the United States and beyond, for a long, long time to come.

So please join us, tell us your tales, send us your photographs because, above all, this is about you!

Never forget that OMs are about stories, OMs are about lives and about being alive.

OMs are about connection.

OMs are about people.

To invite an OM into your life is to join a global community, rooted in kindness, consciousness and connectedness.

OMs are kindred spirits, inspired by people and their stories.

OMs are whimsical, magical spirits who remind us that we all are one.

This, this OM Day, this is a further reminder, if you needed one.

This is worth a celebration and celebrate we will.

Here in Saunderstown, we hope that you’ll do the same because without you – without all of you – none of this, none of what we’re trying to do, could ever hope to work.

The fact that it does work proves our point, that thing that we keep stating: we are all connected.

Have a great day, a great OM Day.

This is for you, we celebrate this day in honor of our connection with all of you.

We thank you for your friendship and your support.

Happy OM Day!

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  1. oopstuff says:

    om most over but not to be forgotten. Cant wait to see what next Om Day brings